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What is the underlying principle of our time? People want to live like gods, but have the mindset of a rat.

Everybody just looks for themselves, trying to save their asses first.

It is this contradiction that MadEra want to wrap their lyrics and music in.

In a world of selfishness, shallowness, consumerism and technological progress,

that what makes humans human slowly withers away. 


Denk‘ wie eine Ratte und lebe wie ein Gott,

Verdorb’ne Seelen verlangt es,

nach geistigem Bankrott.


[Song: „Seelen der Kunst“]


Their self-produced compositions and German-English lyrics are an antithesis to everything that is DJ-oriented and produced with the help of a computer. MadEra are not following the electrified masses, but want to write music for people that long for an authentic musical experience. Compared to the music that is pushed by big labels, night clubs, the charts and through YouTube, they are hopeless romanticists, indulging themselves in Hardcore/Crossover sounds, mixing them with the raw sentiment of conscious rap and rounding them off with Thrash-/Nu Metal/Metalcore influences to distill their own “Mad Core”.


Deine Zeit alter Mann geht zu Ende;

ein Tier tötet nach Trieb, Täter ernten den Sieg

Graue Wolken, Schleier am Altar

Gestern noch ganz oben, auf einmal nicht mehr da.


[Aus: „Wie im Wahn“]


MadEra in it's current form has been around since 2016, when their two guitar players, Matthias and Marco, fused with Pascal (Drums) and Martin (Bass). All four musicians were involved in different band projects at the time, but the confinement of their industrial-style rehearsal rooms eventually brought them together. After their first singer, Felix, had unfortunately left town in order to study in another city, the puzzle’s missing piece, Dominik, joined MadEra as lead vocalist.


Life flows through your hands, 

it’s hard to know to be 

nothing but a grain of sand.

[Song: “The Day Is Too Short”]


Since then, their groove-oriented and insanely energetic “Mad Core” has continually gained momentum, carrying them into the finals of the German-wide SPH-Bandcontest straightaway.

Not only critics have started to lend their listening ears, MadEra could also develop a strong fan base which follows their every step.

But enough of these shallow words. They are 100% born for the stage.

So come around and visit one of their concerts, but do not be surprised, when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a Wall of Death.


+++ Stay Mad +++


Dominik Hundertpfund Vocals MadEra Mad Era Band Gesang
Dominik - Vocals
Matthias Löffler Rythm Guitar Ryhtmussgitarre MadEra Mad Era Band
Matthias - Rythm Guitar
Martin Borchert Vocals MadEra Mad Era Band Gesang Bass Guitar Gitarre
Martin - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocal
Pascal Fehrenbach Drums MadEra Mad Era Band Schlagzeug
Pascal - Drums
Marco Fehrenbach Lead Guitar MadEra Mad Era Band Gitarre Solo
Marco - Lead Guitar

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